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Since 2009, we've pioneered unique ways to tackle our climate crisis. Helping thousands people and brands to be the change, we continue to create changemakers with a focus on collecting tree planting pledges to reduce global warming.

In 2015, an estimated 50% of the planet's original wild forests had gone. The destruction of forests has continued ever since and we are facing 10% of the world’s original forests remaining by 2030.

The tree planting projects we support not only help reduce global warming and improve our planet's air, land and water quality. They help end poverty and hunger for tree planting forest families in Africa and increase biodiversity for many species of wildlife to thrive in their natural their habitats. The trees planted are valuable assets to the communities of families nurturing them, growing native trees that produce food and an income for the forest families helps to ensure the sustainable development and the protection of our worlds forests.


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