Be carbon neutral for a carbon neutral planet. 


 We Do Ethical is pioneering a unique way to tackle our climate crisis. But we cannot do it alone. Since 2009, we have helped thousands people and brands to be the change. Today, we continue to create changemakers with a focus on tree planting pledges. In 2015, an estimated 50 percent of the planet's original wild forests had gone. The destruction of forests has continued ever since and if the trend continues, we will only have 10 percent of the world’s original forests left by 2030.

We believe that reforestation is key to sustaining human needs for natural resources or it will be the end of life on our planet as we know it. Reduced rainforests, means reduced rain. Deforestation is a not a problem of the future, we are on target to cause a catastrophic worldwide shortage of fresh water and food as we enter the next decade.

If just 25% of the UK population became carbon neutral today, the UK could be a carbon neutral nation tomorrow. Are you the one out of four people who'll pledge to plant trees and go carbon neutral?  

Our not-for-profit tree planting projects not only help reduce global warming and improve our planet's air, land and water quality. They help end poverty and hunger for tree planting forest families in Africa and increase biodiversity for many species of wildlife to thrive in their natural their habitats.

The trees planted are valuable assets to the communities who nurture them. Growing native trees that produce food and an income for the forest families, helps to ensure the sustainable development and protection of our worlds forests.


Facing our climate change crisis, protecting the planet is every persons job, so let's Wear It Green and plant trees together!

Get changing now by wearing something green and sharing a photo or video on social media using the hashtag #WearItGreen @WeDoEthicalOrg 


Want to do more? Become the top tree planter to win an eco hamper packed full of earth-friendly goodies worth £1k!

"If not now then when? If not you then who? You can be the change by pledging to plant trees and be carbon neutral today."
- Kelly Levell, Founder.

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Planting trees for a carbon neutral planet.

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