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Since 2014, we have proudly cultivated a vibrant community of passionate changemakers committed to making a significant impact and contributing to a more sustainable future within their communities. Participation in tree pledges, community outreach, and awareness initiatives renders individuals and organisations eligible for our esteemed ethical awards.

Joining and earning well-deserved recognition is a seamless process. The distinguished prizes awaiting recipients encompass a coveted ethical hamper worth £1000, along with the prestigious opportunity to become a brand ambassador or legacy business partner. Additionally, winners gain exclusive access to a series of captivating events held in partnership with associated organisations and esteemed charities throughout the year. Embrace this chance to be part of a transformative movement and reap the rewards of your dedication to sustainability.

What are the award titles?

We Do Ethical Human Award

We Do Ethical Child Award

We Do Ethical Business Award

We Do Ethical Education Award

We Do Ethical Queen Award
(Miss England Only)

We Do Ethical King Award
(Mr England Only)

Become a sponsor or partner?

We express our heartfelt gratitude to your business for endorsing our ethical awards. As a token of our appreciation, for every 50p received, we will plant a tree, ensuring an immediate return on your investment. Keeping track of the number of trees you've contributed to and the CO2 they'll offset instills confidence in your valuable role in promoting a greener planet. Your company's active involvement in our ethical awards demonstrates a commitment in uplifting and recognising the efforts of others and creating a sustainable legacy for future generations.

For further details, kindly refer to our Ethical Awards Media Pack.

How are the award titles scored?

Tree Pledge Action:
Collect tree planting pledges that remove pollution and change lives.

Outreach Action:
Join our litter-picks and send items supporting our community outreach projects, by using our wish list link.
Or start up your own in your local area.

Awareness Action:

Connect and share your activities with the world via press and social media, making sure to follow, mention and tag us in your posts for shout outs! @WeDoEthicalOrg #WeDoEthicalAwards

How do I enter?

Please register yourself or organisation using this form and get started in three simple steps:

1. Start your tree pledge to remove pollution and change lives.

2. Use our Amazon wish list supporting our outreach projects or start upyour own.
Make sure to include your name in the sender details, so we know who sent it.

3. Share your action with the world via press and social media for awareness.
Make sure to mention and tag us in your shout outs! @WeDoEthicalOrg #WeDoEthical

A platform for purpose

Since 2014, we have been thrilled to host our annual ethical awards, dedicated to honouring changemakers who utilise their platforms for purpose-driven causes, benefiting people, the planet, and animals.

To date, we have raised tens of thousands of pounds for worthy causes, making a significant positive impact. Moreover, our dedicated changemakers actively participate in our tree planting project, contributing to pollution reduction and transformative change in communities.

Additionally, some of our esteemed changemakers opt to partake in the Mr & Miss England contest, presenting life-changing opportunities and the chance to compete for a top prize of £100k at the Miss World finals.



We Do Ethical Human Award

We Do Ethical Child Award

We Do Ethical Business Award

We Do Ethical Education Award

We Do Ethical Queen Award
Miss England Award - enter here

We Do Ethical King Award
Mr England Award - enter here

22nd September 2023

Hosted by Taj Hotel, London  
(Strictly by invitation only)

6th October 2023

Hosted by St James's House at Grosvenor House, London
(Strictly by invitation only)

7th April 2024

Hosted by Viva, Blackpool  
(Strictly by invitation only)

17May 2024

Hosted by Grand Station, Wolverhampton
(Strictly by invitation only)


Meet our ethicalaward winners...

Congratulations to all of our Ethical Award winners, who have beentaking part since 2014.

What are the optional Miss England Award Rounds?

Climate Changemaker Award

Since 2015, we've loved running our annual ethical awards to discover changemakers who are using their platforms for purpose driven causes to help people, planet and animals. Our changemakers are supporting our Trees To Save The Planet project to tackle our climate crisis and help African families out of poverty and hunger.

Through collecting tree planting pledges our Climate Changemaker Award brings together a diverse range of people to engage with our climate change crisis. Entrants meet like-minded friends, gain confidence, learn new skills, win fantastic prizes and have lots of fun tackling eco-social issues with our associated, supporters and charities. View the Award Brief.

View all tree pledges.

Eco Award

In 2007, the Miss England National Director, Angie Beasley invented the Miss England 'Eco Award Round' as not everyone can afford to buy expensive designer clothes. In this qualifier contestants are invited to get creative and think about recycling. The national finalists are invited to source an outfit made from recycled materials, making sure the outfit looks stylish on the catwalk. Often the contestants purchase clothing from charity shops or gather recycled materials to create some amazing green creations! 

The eco outfits created were judged by Kelly Levell, founder of We Do Ethical, since crowning her first brand ambassador Carina Tyrell back 2015. This year's judging is working closely in association with World against Single Use Plastic - WASUP and PLASTFREE, a new Biodegradable Sanitary Towel. Bhasha Mukherjee has become the Face of the brand in 2020. Link to the FACE OF THE BRAND press page.

 Find out more:

Beauty With A Purpose Award

A key part of the competition. Contestants are invited to raise funds for Miss World Charity and suppport their local charities by using their titles for a purpose. Contestants are given the challenge of raising awareness & funds in their own area, often with a prize for the top fundraiser.

The Miss England finalists have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds over the last few years & funds have been spent here in the UK on specially adapted wheelchairs & mini buses, a holiday home in Finlake Holiday park and sensory equipment for special needs schools & lots more. Click here to see just some of the projects Miss England has supported over recent years ; 

Publicity Award

This award goes to the contestant who creates the most publicity for herself and the final venue in the lead up to the final taking place. The final venue usually chooses the winner of this award.

Bare Face Top Model Award

Finalists were invited to submit a photo of themselves WITHOUT MAKE UP for the first time ever in 2019 and post this on their own social media to enter this round. You can see all the Miss England finalists BARE FACED here 

The first ever BARE FACED TOP MODEL winner in Miss England was REBECCA GORMLEY – Miss Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Talent Award

A search for the most talented female in Miss England! Contestants are invited to submit a 2 minute video of themselves performing their talent. It must be entertaining.

Lisa Powell, Miss England Choreographer, alongside Angie Beasley, Director, usually select a shortlist.  In 2018, the Talent award was so difficult to judge that the organisers awarded TWO winners with the Miss Talent award title.

See the Miss England You Tube Channel for the Talent videos

The winner of the 2019 talent round is shown here 

TV Presenter Award

With the finals of Miss England in sight, the finalists will have a round to demonstrate a short video presentation or bring a guest to interview them in professional TV studio style! The contestants will be filmed andgiven tips for content preparation in presenting their own 5-minute TV programme. Out of this, the contestants will gain a valuable showreel and coaching to help harness their skills and master the world of TV presenting.

Sportswomen Award

Miss England is keen to promote the importance of staying fit and healthy. At the Semi & National Final, contestants are invited to take part in a Sports Round to find the fittest girl in the Contest. You can see a video here of the type of fitness you can expect, should you make it through, so you better get fitness training. Click here to see the Miss England 2018 Sports Video

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