Helping our world to be carbon neutral, starting with the UK before 2050. 

During our current climate change crisis, protecting the planet is every persons job, so let's Wear It Green and plant trees together to offset the UK's annual carbon emissions by 2050.
If you're aged 16 - 26, you can enter now to win a brand ambassadorship with us as a regional county title across the South West of England. Winning your county title will secure your place in the official Mr & Miss England contest, which is our countries only entry to Mr & Miss World; with a life changing top prize of 100k!


We Do Ethical is an award winning brand working with people and businesses to give them the knowledge and power to get a CO2 status and offset their carbon footprints to help our world become carbon neutral, starting with the UK by 2050. 

Providing the worlds most transparent carbon footprint offsetting tool that plant trees for our users and their friends for free; we work to reduce global warming and implement sustainable development for our people, planet and wildlife.

We donate a minimum of 40% of our annual revenue to not for profit community projects specifically designed to carry out the tree planting activities for our users. The projects not only improve our planet's air, land and water quality. They also support activities that provide income and food for people in need, whilst increasing biodiversity for many species of wildlife and their habitats.

"If not now then when? If not you then who? You can be the change by pledging to plant trees today."
- Kelly Levell, Founder.

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Planting trees for a carbon neutral planet.

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