Our Projects

Our award-winning brand's non-profit-projects were handcrafted in 2009 to care, nurture, unite and love ethical living. Today, we continue to run our four creative community projects to help inspire people to be the change for a better tomorrow.

We Love


We host people and planet friendly campaigns with inspiring events to share our love for ethical living. Through our social networks, press & tv coverage we touch the hearts of people within our annual readership of over 12.8m and social reach of over 30k.

We Care


Fashion is the second largest polluting industry on our planet. We care to take a positive and creative approach in reducing the number of garments going to landfill each year. Putting unwanted clothing to good use; we reuse, recycle and up-cycle textiles through our monthly projects and workshops.

We Unite


We stay true to our word with our nurture programme. Supporting the economic and social growth of ethical living, through our Ethical Directory. We unite people with positive organisations who are committed to sustainable development goals for a more sustainable future. 

We Nurture


We work with organisations providing education on sustainability. We nurture projects, initiatives, briefs, pop-up workshops, up-cycling tutorials, mentoring and engaging talks with a focus on working with young people to tackle eco-social issues on the things they care about.



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